Friday, June 13, 2014

Checking In and Update

Hi everyone!  I know it's been since the beginning of the year since I last posted here.  I've busy with birthing classes, baby showers, holidays, and family visiting.  All of my showers (between Portland, Seattle, work, and my crafting group) turned out fabulous and we're so grateful for all the stuff we've received so far.  We installed the car seats and while my in-laws were here visiting for Memorial Day weekend, we pretty much got the nursery done.  There's just a few more things I'd like to get from Target and we still need to paint our rocking chair. Otherwise, we're pretty much ready for the baby. :)

Overall, Bean is doing great and I'm doing okay.  Today, I am 36 weeks and I'm super uncomfortable.  I still have a lot of rib pain on my right side, as Bean is pushed up on that side.  But at my last ultrasound at Week 34, he is head down and doing wonderful.  Still a boy and still only having one baby, lol.  Of course they were teasing, but I was curious how often nowadays does someone come in at 34 weeks and finds out it's twins?!?  I would think it doesn't happen that often since they do ultrasounds so often now.  But my doctor says it does still happen!

We finished our birthing classes at the end of May and I only have a few more weeks of work left at my day job before I go on leave.  Since I've been so uncomfortable, I also haven't been sleeping well.  But luckily, I've been able to use that time to be productive and do stuff around the house.

I've also been nesting and cleaning.  I've already washed all of Bean's clothes and stuff so I won't have to worry about it later. I know it's a risk since I don't really know what size he'll be when he comes out...but I'd just feel better already having stuff...even if he only wears his new born sized stuff once, lol.

This pregnancy definitely has been a whirlwind for me...first with all the morning sickness and now with all the uncomfortableness and rib pain.  I'm glad to almost be done and I know Bean will be here before we know it.   I truly appreciate all of the patience, love, and support I've gotten this year during all of this.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Closing The Store for Awhile

I'm so excited to finally share with you all that I'm pregnant!  I am currently almost 14 weeks and I am due in early July.  Unfortunately, I've been suffering from severe morning sickness these past couple of months.  I am continuously nausea and have been throwing up.  This is why I haven't been around for anything or have been doing anything.  Though I haven't been well, I am happy to say that baby is doing just great!

Though it's been a hard decision for me to make, I have decided to take a break from SCRS this coming year.  The site, Facebook page, and blog, will all still be open and up.  But I will not be selling product out of the store this year.  I hope to re-open the store for purchases in 2015. 

Most of you know that I run this business pretty much by myself, on top of working a full time Corporate job.  Though Brent has been a good sport at cutting rubber for me, it's still me who runs my design team, the blog, website, Facebook page, orders, packaging, customer service, and everything else.  This is my first pregnancy and it's been quite rough for me.  To be fair to everyone, I can't keep up and provide a high level of service. 

I do want to truly thank everyone though for all the love and support you've given to me and my company.  I've made such wonderful friends and I couldn't of asked for a better group of ladies who have been on all of my design teams.  Without you all, I would of never been able to jump into one of my dreams, and I really do appreciate it. 

We wish you all a great year for 2014 and look forward to seeing you in the future.  Though I won't be actively posting on here, as always, if anyone needs anything, they are more than welcome to email me at or message me on Facebook.  Thanks again for everything!

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